• Long Term Extended Care

    Pia's PlaceAt Pia’s Place we believe that all women have the ability to empower themselves, sometimes they just need a little help. Read More
  • Pia's Place Philosophy

    Our PhilosophyAt Pia’s Place, we believe in helping women become self-empowered through letting go of the past and moving into new behaviors. Read More
  • Pia's Place Programs

    Our ProgramsAt Pia’s Place, we believe the best way to help women empower themselves with recovery is by working closely with them. Read More
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  • Contact Us

    Contact Pia's Place at 928-445-5081, or use our contact form. Afterhours please call 928-713-5129.If you have an Emergency please call 928-445-5081 or 911 immediately. Read More
  • Office Location

    Pia's Place Office is located at 615 West Hillside Avenue, Prescott, AZ 86301. You may contact us for tours of our facilities. Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time, Mon- Fri. Read More
  • Prescott, Arizona

    Pia's Place is located in beautiful Prescott, Arizona. At just over a mile high the city has wonderful weather.There are many activities to do in Prescott. Here are few we recommend. Read More
  • Success Stories

    Read our constantly growing list of success stories from satisfied clients.Amazing stories of happiness and success from many people who have been through our program. Read More
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